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About Us

The Story of...

iD YACHTS is a newly established company specialized in providing the best custom yacht services such as yacht brokerage, consultancy, yacht management, yacht marketing and technical support. 

Back to 2010 the founder of iD YACHTS, Dimitris Voudouris started his occupation on yacht business. In 2020 and having 10 years of experience, followed his dream and founded his own company in order to offer a fresh approach and a different way of sales on yacht brokerage business. He realized that the one thing ‘’missing’’ from the industry was the personalized experience of buying the right yacht. So, he created a small team sharing the passion, yachting.

Fresh and modern our company advocates a motto: ‘’Yachts with Signature’’. What does that mean? Your signature is your name. And we wouldn’t evolve our name into a selling process that wouldn’t be 100% trustworthy.  

Our Mission

Our goal is to focus to each client as we strongly believe that everyone is unique. Either you are looking to purchase the right yacht, or to manage your yacht, or to find a buyer for your yacht, we aim for a personalized, highly professional experience.

In our line of work, we don’t only sell yachts, we customize the experience of buying a yacht according to your needs. We value your precious time and we understand the anxiety of buying a preowned boat as well as the problems that may occur in the process. We believe that the close contact to our customers will get us the best outcome. By understanding better your needs and demands, we can help you to make the right choice. We help you choose your ideal yacht and with her, we are sure that you will have, a life full of wonderful memories. Let us arrange the details of your next yacht and you will get the best possible service.

Our Vision

We aim to offer an elevated level of service and build a reputation of honesty, trust and integrity that will continue to stand as the company grows. 

Our Values

       Commitment to quality and satisfaction of our customers.             Build strong bonds with our clients and respect their needs.


       Offer to our clients our 10 years of industry relationships.            Respect our trusted suppliers and partners.


       Endorse a culture of expertise and passion for what we do.

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